Worried about complexity, costs and compliance of your cloud infrastructure?

Are you facing any of these challenges?

  • External team is maintaining your infrastructure
  • Struggling to understand how to comply with security needs
  • Cloud costs are out of control
  • Complexity of your infrastructure is constantly increasing
  • Lack of in-house know-how
AWS Shared Responsibility Model

Unique mix of training and consulting

Over the last 20 years we’ve seen teams struggle with growing business demands and technology debt, so we’ve developed a unique way of helping teams identifying and eliminating the biggest hurdles.

With mixing training and consulting offer you can take your team to another level quickly during 3-day training and consulting: Fury Method.

Training and consulting offering

The Linux DevOps Handbook authors

We’re the authors of The Linux DevOps Handbook, where we aimed to help DevOps teams to understand how to build your cloud workloads using Linux and Open Source software.

DevOps teams can learn how to:

  • Master Linux basics, the command line, and shell scripting
  • Become a DevOps expert by mastering Docker, Git, monitoring, automation, and CI/CD
  • Implement networking, manage services, and leverage Infrastructure as Code (IaC) using Terraform and Atlantis for automation
The Linux DevOps Handbook
Andrew Smith

I have had the pleasure for working with Grzegorz at TokenMarket, thoughts that come to mind: highly competent, professional and a great person to work with.

Grzegorz filled the role of Dev-Ops engineer and flawlessly did all three. Dev, Ops and Dev-Ops.
Primarily he was responsible for our AWS infra, continuous delivery, and Ansible tooling.

And on the straight up dev side: He was a key developer on a challenging crypto wallet integration.

He has a real positive attitude, can always find the upside and would be a great addition to any team.

Tomasz Torcz

I had an opportunity to attend couple of talks delivered by Damian. It was an awesome experience each time! Damian is highly knowledgeable and his experience shows. Each time he perfectly tuned the delivery to the audience, choosing how deep to dive into the subject. He was always ready to explain more, having vast exposure to the topic at hand.
His presentation style is light and with a touch of humor. Damian very easily connects with the audience and maintains engagement.

Joanna Sampławska

I have been working with Grzegorz for 4 years. During that time I learned that he is trustworthy and always willing to support the others. The quality of his work both on technical side, and customer service was always on high level. As a Project Manager I would definitely recommend him as a great team player. He has been keeping delivery dates as expected. What makes Grzegorz unique is ability to address problems fast, report and confront them with possible solutions.

Oliwia Niemczewska

We have worked with Damian and are still working on C++ and DevOps courses. Damian is characterized primarily by responsibility for the assigned tasks and incredible commitment. Punctuality is always his top priority. I definitely recommend working with Damian if you are looking for a person who values relationships and reliable knowledge transfer.

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Grzegorz Adamowicz

Cloud solutions consultant

Grzegorz Adamowicz